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Person(able) Profs: Majed Alqasas

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By Nathaniel Crouch

The fourth floor of the Eric Palin Hall is host to a varying degree of equations, hard-working students and a highly rated teacher famously known as the “math bae.”

Dr. Majed Alqasas, an instructor in Ryerson’s faculty of mathematics, has been a turning point for many students under his tutelage. Students have been vocal about his effect on their appreciation for math on the popular rating website Alqasas has dozens of near perfect reviews and praise about his teaching style. He holds a perfect 5.0/5.0 on overall rating as a teacher, as well as a chilli pepper for attractiveness.

Alqasas says he credits his high rating to his extroverted personality.

I always make sure that I break the ice between me and my students and make them realize that math can be as fun as any other course offered at this university.”

He has nearly 25 years of teaching experience behind him, teaching in Jordan and UAE for 17 years before moving to Canada in 2010 and coming to Ryerson in 2014.

Any chance he gets, Alqasas will breakdown both his teaching style and any math problem in a few minutes and with only five items on hand. He teaches by showing those in his classroom a scenario and understands that this will motivate students more than moving through theoretical problems. He will simply grab whatever is around him, maybe a set of keys, staples or candy, and efficiently and charismatically explain with ease how the scenario can be solved. 

Many of the online comments about Alqasas specifically speak to his ability to reinvigorate and inspire a love for mathematics.

“Math is not a complicated subject. It is merely about how you present it,” he said. “Students must appreciate their instructor in order to show interest in the subject.”

There are also plenty of comments that overflow with great detail of his curriculum and teachings.

“I maintain eye contact, and class control to make sure that all students are alert. I strongly believe that brainstorming with some fun discussions and class wrap ups with pre planned assessments reflect my students thorough understanding of the subject.”

Alqasas has also earned himself a title in his years of teaching. The nickname “The Math Bae” emerges repeatedly in comments about Alqasas online. He is well aware of the nickname and actually has devised a reasoning for it.

“Students call me ‘math bae’ because I am very passionate about my job and care a lot about their achievements. It is not a matter of popularity, I do it because my heart tells me to do so.”

Please, no one tell him what ‘bae’ really means.


  1. Dear Editor of the Eye Opener,

    I would like to thank you for considering me on this week’s edition. It is much appreciated. The picture and the report are both outstanding and are eye opening. You just made my week.

    Looking forward for meeting you and for more future opportunities.



  2. Khalo you are the best math prof i’ve ever met, you can explain a complicated subject in few words and thats really awesome !

  3. Best prof in my entire life to be honest.I wish I get a chance in the future to study my remaining math courses with him.

  4. Dr Majed is one of the best friends I knew. His success story spirits me to aim high.
    All the best

  5. I’m not really surprised! I have known Prof. Majed very closely during our work together at ECAE. His uncompromised skills, unbeatable talents and long experiences have always made him an extraordinary Prof in the field of Maths. I’m quite confident that Majid will always be avaluable asset to any accademic Organization. I really wish him all the best.

  6. Thank you for the two classes I’ve head with you in 2016-2017 (Calc and Geo, and Stats II). Being your student was an entertaining and humbling experience.

    Cheers from uWaterloo,
    – A former Rye student

  7. Best PROF EVER , math bae, would take math classes again in the future

  8. Saint Majed. How do you have so much compassion for students?

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