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Ryerson considering cybersecurity and project-based learning for Brampton campus

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By Isabelle Kirkwood

As the approval for the new Ryerson site in Brampton, Ont. is in its final stages, the university is starting to consider potential programs the new campus will offer, like cybersecurity and project-based courses.

Provost and vice-president academic Michael Benarroch said while the potential programs are “just ideas,” the school is looking to offer courses in Brampton that are not yet being taught at the downtown campus.

Benarroch said the school was considering implementing mandatory coding courses on the Brampton campus and offering in cybersecurity.

Although Ryerson does not offer a formal cybersecurity program, the Chang School of Continuing Education offers a certificate in computer security and digital forensics.

“Employers keep telling me from a wide range ‘we’d love it if some of your graduates [knew] coding,’” he said. “I think it would create some real interesting opportunities and some different ways of putting together an academic program that we do necessarily at the downtown campus.”

Benarroch added that the program would focus on student-driven learning more than a traditional co-op placement would.


“Employers keep telling me from a wide range ‘we’d love it if some of your graduates [knew] coding”


Another initiative would offer an opportunity for students to assist local organizations in interdisciplinary teams over the course of one term.

Students from different programs such as technology or business management would have four months to develop a solution to a problem faced by a local organization. The students would formally present their solution to the company at the end of the term.

Benarroch said the program would be guided by professors and would include learning objectives for students as they develop solutions and strategies through their respective disciplines.

He said the project would incorporate “experience right into the academic program,” adding it would be “a way of embedding more experiential and skills-based learning.”

Ryerson president Mohamed Lachemi announced Tuesday that the province is finalizing approval for the university site in Brampton.

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