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Top 10 sex toys for you and your partner

If you’re into the typical dildo or vibrator, this isn’t the list for you. For this year’s Love, Sex & Play issue, we decided to kick it up a notch and give you 10 of the most interesting sex toys in the market.

Stud 100
We had to put one of the most popular items on this list, because why not? Arguably the best desensitizing spray in the market, the Stud 100 is known for its ability to help the average male last for an extra 30-45 minutes. Two or three sprays and you should be on your way. Retail price – $25 excluding tax

The Toki-Doki
Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. Some people like them small, some like them large and others like them shaped like a unicorn. This special wand can be utilized in a bevy of ways, making it well-worth the hefty price tag if you’re into having everything covered. Retail price – ranges from $15-180 excluding

The Big-Rack Stroker
This item is made up of two parts; a pair of breasts and a vagina. When this item was made, it’s almost as if someone said, “Let’s take the two most sexualized parts of a woman’s body and put them together.” Unfortunately, it looks like their idea went wrong, as the item basically looks like a giant sex fly. Retail price – $40-75 with tax.

The 17-inch Dick Rambone Cock
Sometimes, a regular-sized dildo isn’t enough. This large and thick toy isn’t for the faint of heart, as it’s heavy duty build makes it particularly difficult to handle and utilize. But, for reasons unknown, people tend to buy this product. Size is important, people. Retail price – $40 with tax.

Lovense’s “Max”
Lovense tried to out do their counterparts with a special stroker, and boy, did they do just that. This item is similar to a Fleshlight, but it also has the ability to get hot and enhance pleasure for the average male. This item also has an application, which further enhances its value. Retail price – $199 excluding tax.

Lovense’s “Lush”
The female version of the “Max” the “Lush” is known for its strong suction power. Shaped like a hook, this toy can provide pleasure from the inside and outside. It’s hook-like shape gives it a full range of motion, giving the carrier multiple options during their time of self-stimulation. Retail price – $119 excluding tax.

Doc Johnson’s “Great American Bombshell”
Nothing says BIG BOMB like a GREAT AMERICAN BOMB. This super long (and wide) dildo is built well enough to take heavy action. It also comes with a suction cup and the company also provides vacuum-like cups that are sold separately. Retail price – ranges from $40-50 with tax.

SexFlesh’s “Sarah’s Sexy Mouth”
Most people care solely about performance when it comes to toys. However, the appearance of an item can definitely play a part in a customer’s experience. SexFlesh decided to make a stroker based on appearance, and let’s just say, they got some mixed reviews. The long-necked toy comes with a “sexy mouth” and a load of hard and stiff plastic teeth. It isn’t pretty, let alone “sexy.” Retail price – $20-45 excluding tax.

We-Vibe’s “Sync”
Similar to the Stag 100 in terms of normality, the “Sync” is known for being one of the more versatile items in the market. It’s a simulator that provides pleasure for both men and women. The toy also has an application that allows it to connect to someone in a long-distance relationship. To top it off, it plays music. What more can be said? Retail price – ranges from $160-220 excluding tax.

The Drill-do
This item looks exactly how it sounds like. It’s literally a dildo that comes with an add-on drill. It also comes with a pair of gloves, safety goggles and a vest. Yeah, you could say that this toy really gets the job done. Retail price – $30-190 with tax.



  1. Mike J.

    Gotta chime in here on the Stud 100 . Yes, it helps you last longer, but also you can’t feel anything. My Wife and I tried it and it wasn’t a good experience at all! She was numb, I lost my erection, sex was over after 2 mins due to lack of feeling. We took a shower to attempt to get the formula off and went to bed bummed out!

  2. Thanks! for sharing such an interesting piece of information. Sex toys are actually useful and necessary for sexual health.

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