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How to get credit for a class you didn’t take

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By Alanna Rizza

Would you like to get credit for a class that you haven’t taken? Would you like to get even more out of all those unpaid internships? Of course you would.

If you’ve ever sat through a class thinking to yourself that you already have the skills and knowledge that’s being taught to you, then you have a challenge on your hands. But it’s not quite the challenge you’re thinking of.

Ryerson University allows “challenge credits” if the student has gained skills and knowledge outside the classroom. For example, if a student has enough work experience that the university thinks mirrors a course’s material, the student can  academic credit without taking the class.

According to the university, only mandatory courses that count towards your program requirements will be considered for a challenge credit.

Most undergraduate programs allow a maximum of five one-course count challenge credits. In the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, certificate programs allow a maximum of two one-count challenge credits.

But if you’re in the Ted Rogers School of Business Management,  a part of the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science or the Faculty of Science, your courses cannot be challenged. As if your life wasn’t rough already.

But for the rest of us, all you have to do is apply to challenge a credit (instead of wasting months of your life) and spend $175 (instead of hundreds).

First, contact the department of the course you wish to challenge and then fill out the application form that is available online.

Some faculties may interview you or ask that you complete an examination to determine if you actually have the ability.

After you’ve filled out the form, go to the Service Hub in POD 150, and pay the fee.

If you don’t have the knowledge required, you will be notified by e-mail within two to four weeks that your challenge was unsuccessful. You’ll also receive a full refund that will be mailed to the address on your RAMSS account within four to six weeks.

If your challenge is successful, the course credit will be recorded on your academic record as ‘CHG’ and will not be included in your grade point average.

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