Here are all the famous people you missed on campus

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Photos by Alanna Rizza, Kosalan Kathiramalanathan, Elana Emer and Aaron Siblall

If you didn’t notice, famous people have been swarming over Toronto for the past week. It was the Toronto International Film Festival, the best time of year for movie fans, the worst for commuters. Lucky for us Ryerson folk, some of the world’s finest acting talent trekked their way through the garbage scented Gould Street all the way to our humble Ryerson Theatre for some major film premieres. Not really, they came from the back through Gerrard St. E. in nice cars with blacked-out windows. Does no one take the streetcar anymore?

The Eyeopener assumed our role, as we do every year, of being your best campus paparazzi. Our photographers have pulled together the best of famous TIFF appearances on campus. Scroll down to find out who was on campus and what they were up to.


Olivia Munn was on the red carpet at Ryerson Theatre on Sept. 6 for the premiere of The Predator, set to be the fourth installment in the Predator series. Munn’s been the focus of the film for speaking out against the casting of Steven Wilder Striegel, who has been a registered sex offender since 2010. (Alanna Rizza/The Eyeopener)


The Eye’s photo editor Alanna Rizza said Munn spent her time on the red carpet enduring a bunch of creepy white boys yelling that they drove 16 hours to see her. Ugh, TIFF bros are the worst. (Alanna Rizza/The Eyeopener)


Keegan Michael Key (yes, the ‘Key’ from Key and Peele) was also at the premiere for The Predator. Photographer Alanna Rizza said he kept calling all of his fans “babe” and then said he didn’t have enough time to take selfies with everyone. Giving us mixed signals there, babe. (Alanna Rizza/The Eyeopener)


Elle Fanning, who’s now the more famous Fanning sister (we’re still here for you though, Dakota) was here on Sept. 7 to promote her film Teen Spirit. (Kosalan Kathiramalanathan/The Eyeopener)


Emmy Rossum (Fiona from the TV series Shameless) was on the carpet with her husband for the premiere of Homecoming, which he directed. Eyeopener photographer Kosalan Kathiramalanathan said by far, Rossum was the most expressive person on the carpet. The Eye now has an archive of Emmy Rossum expressions, we don’t know what to do with it. (Kosalan Kathiramalanathan/The Eyeopener)


Julia Roberts is the lead of the film Homecoming where she plays a woman who helps soldiers transition back to civilian life. More importantly, Robert’s jacket had a fucking cape attached to it. Casual capes should be a thing. (Kosalan Kathiramalanathan/The Eyeopener)


Eye photographer Kosalan Kathiramalanathan said Roberts was super nice to all her fans and took time to have a word with some of them. Did we mention that she’s wearing a fucking cape though? (Kosalan Kathiramalanathan/The Eyeopener)


Gwendoline Christie, known for playing Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones was at Ryerson on Sept. 13 for the premiere of In Fabric. But shoutout to the pro TIFF instragrammers that have light up cases. Never compromise on good lighting. (Kosalan Kathiramalanathan/The Eyeopener)


Hugh Jackman stopped by Ryerson Theatre on Sept. 8 for the premiere of The Front Runner. (Kosalan Kathiramalanathan/The Eyeopener)


Here he is again, doing the most for the fans. (Kosalan Kathiramalanathan/The Eyeopener)


He’s literally radiating light. Drop the skincare routine, Hugh. (Kosalan Kathiramalanathan/The Eyeopener)


This is Matthew McConaughey’s face every time someone goes, “Alright, alright, alright.” Why doesn’t anyone remember his lines from Interstellar? (Kosalan Kathiramalanathan/The Eyeopener)


McConaughey was on campus on Sept. 7 for the premiere of White Boy Rick. (Kosalan Kathiramalanathan/The Eyeopener)

Chloë Grace Moretz popped by the Ryerson theatre for the premiere of Greta. (Aaron Siblall/The Eyeopener)

Lead Actress Jessie Buckley on the red carpet for the world premiere of Wild Rose at Ryerson Theatre on Sept. 8. Even wilder, that dress. (Elana Emer/The Eyeopener)

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