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A strain to describe every Ryerson faculty

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By Nathaniel Crouch

As cannabis becomes legal in Canada, students are left to ponder whether or not to try the drug. Like any consumable there are a multitude of types and different strains that will be best for others, as to say there is a weed for every need. Here’s a list of types of cannabis strains just for students, broken down into which faculty would benefit the most from them.

Communication and Design

If you decide to get high and design, fear not for this strain is a sticky multi-purpose creation machine. Gorilla Glue is for all the hard studiers who don’t need inspiration, but instead need to just slow down (can also be used as glue).


For artsy students who make the normal extraordinary, look no further then Snow Haze. This strain is guaranteed to wring out every drop of creativity within you, so sit down with a sketch pad or notebook and prepare for a wave of inspiration and chill.

Community Services

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a deep breath and roll with whatever shitty group project you got. Death Bubba Hindu will help make you the calmest and most patient person in the world. So if you’re tired of people’s shit, this will get your fake smile on point.

Engineering and Architecture Science

It gets rid of stress and creative blocks for a clear mind. Let those creative juices flow so you can think outside of the fourth dimension. Go make a robot that raps while climbing walls or something, and might as well call him Violator Kush.


It’s time to get shit done. You have an 8 a.m. lab, 100 assignments due tomorrow and a huge test next week. Blue Mateo will get you super focused so you can memorize all those damn terms and never ever forget that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Ted Rogers School of Business

Hydro Pink is made for those who want to be the next great Wolf of Wall Street. This will ease up your body from all that stress but also give you enough of a smile to continue schmoozing your way through deals all day long.

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