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Best places to hang in and around Ryerson

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By Premila D’Sa

We’re not insinuating that you’ve been doing anything illegal so far—but now that you and your friends can hang around campus not looking suspicious with your skunk smelling goods, The Eyeopener can finally recommend some places in and around campus that you should check out.

Eighth Floor of the SLC

No better way to elevate your high than literally getting higher. The eighth floor of the SLC is almost like the CN Tower’s edgewalk (like a really, really discounted version). There are also sweet beanbags and other seating placed right by the windows if you want a comfy come down.

Image Arts Building

Listen, you’ve got (free) art, tons of seating, and a coffee shop right around the corner. This is the spot whether you want a quick dank and dip or you want to really spend some time contemplating some art.

Village by the Grange/Grange Park

Think of this as a quest more than an actual spot. But it’s totally worth it. Start with picking up your buddies from their sad lectures at Ted Rogers and tell them you’re on your way to a cultural experience. After that, trek to Village by the Grange, an indoor food court with countless cheap Asian cuisine spots just 10 minutes away. But make sure to get your food to-go, so you can head to Grange Park, down the street from The Village. It’s the perfect, grassy spot to chill the fuck out. There’s also a kid’s playground big enough for adults. Don’t be weird though, wait for all the kids to step out before you and your friends take over.

Carlton Cinema

The Carlton’s a safe bet for whatever mood you’re in but especially when you’re riding the wave. With refillable popcorn, your munchies will always be satisfied. On top of that you got a decent selection of movies with cheaper pricing so you won’t feel as bad not remembering a bit of that indie flick you picked when you were dazed.

University of Toronto

While Ryerson’s only decent green space, the Quad, is temporarily unavailable, head 20 minutes west on College Street and you’ll find yourself at University of Toronto’s lush, grassy campus. Don’t worry about the walk being a little longer, there’s a Krispy Kreme halfway to campus on McCaul Street where you can recharge. When you get to UofT ignore the sad students around you stressing about their GPAs, find a nice spot under one of their large, old trees and take in the sights of one of the country’s most prestigious universities. Then take a moment to appreciate that you’re probably paying way less in tuition. More money to spend on, um, natural wellness.

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