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Burps & Grinners

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By Gabrielle Olano


High schoolers invaded FCAD


On the Thursday of reading week, a parade of high schoolers stormed through the FCAD building, claiming that in a year or two, they will take over Ryerson as its new rulers. We advise you to prepare yourself for the burst of Fortnite dances coming to Ryerson if you are returning next year.



Bread cult gathers in the Quad


On the morning of Friday, a group of 10, each carrying a full baguette in both hands, moved to the quad to perform some sort of ritual. We have named the anonymous group “the bread cult” as they scattered pieces of their baguettes onto the ground after their meeting.



Goose held a TED talk in the middle of campus


Multiple flocks of geese, which made up one gigantic flock, migrated to the Ryerson campus at the end of the week to see a great goose talk. As observed by locals, it would seem that they had a successful TED talk as they were definitely “doing their business” on campus floors. Luckily, their “work” that was left behind had washed away over the weekend due to rain.



Professors tried to throw a party


All throughout the week, professors have been trying to throw an all exclusive fancy-pants party for profs only in one of the campus’ buildings but were unable to pull it off. This is because you stubborn students who still decided to show up caught them before they could get things started.



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