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How to contain the smell of your dank

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By Olivia Bednar

With the legalization of cannabis, there’s been a lot of talk about the new and exciting ways we can get lit. But with this great power comes great responsibility. Cannabis has quite the potent smell and even though it will now be legal, it’s still pretty sus to walk into that 8 a.m. lecture reeking as if you just smoked a doob with Snoop.

Also, according to the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids, allergic reactions to the exposure of cannabis can include asthma, skin rashes, sneezing and watery eyes among others. So for your own sake and for the safety of others, it doesn’t hurt to know a couple ways to contain your dank.

Mason jars

Spinach smoothies aren’t the only green thing mason jars are good for. These thick, airtight glass jars are your best friends when it comes to concealing that smell. (For an eco-friendly take, clean out that old tomato sauce jar in the pantry, and save yourself a trip to Metro)  

Swap a joint for a pipe

Smoking a joint is a surefire way to stank up your hands. Opt for a glass pipe instead, so there’s more of a barrier between your skin and that good-good. Just make sure you buy one small enough to fit in your Mason jar. If you’re pro, You can also use a small stem with a Gatorade bottle

Film canisters or prescription bottles

Are you a photography student who just finished a sick film shoot? Or are you done with those antibiotics from your September flu? Film canisters or prescription bottles are small and inconspicuous ways to stash your goods and keep that smell out. They’re also ideal for commuters to pop in their bags on the go without being too bulky or fragile like a glass Mason jar,

(If you also want a really extra way to stash your hash, you can get a stash can, which comes in the shape of pop bottles, deodorants, cleaning products and so much more.)

Try vaping

Yeah, you might look douchey but getting cannabis-infused vapes is a simple way to light up in peace with less than half the odour. You might want to try and be bit more secretive with this one, just to keep your street cred.

Carry some mints

After smoking weed, your breath will reek. So it doesn’t hurt to carry around some mints or gum, so you can at least confidently approach your prof to ask a question, without the smell of the devil’s lettuce hitting his face each time you open your beak.

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