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My Tamagotchi obsession

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By Parnika Raj

Tamagotchi was everything when I was in the first grade.

Every kid I knew had one, so I had to have one as well. When I think back to the toys that made me happy as a kid, I think about my Tamagotchi. I felt a sense of importance, and I think a lot of kids felt that.

I still remember being picked up from school one time, and having my mom tell me how my Tamagotchi grew up over the course of the day. I remember my mom criticizing me for naming my Tamagotchi Lola. She said that it was a “silly name” that no one would actually use. A year later, Zoey 101 came out with a character with the exact same name. I still secretly think they ripped the name off me.

I was also obsessed with a similar looking toy. It was called Pixel Chicks. It wasn’t as popular, but fuck, did I ever beg to get mine.It plays on the same conscience of having a digital buddy to put to sleep, change clothes, feed and the like. I dug up my Pixel Chick a few years ago.

I’m embarrassed to say I played with it for a few days. It was so fun. If only I could find my dear beloved Tamagotchi.

Side note: Kids these days will never have the digital toys we had. Most of them have iPads, iPhones or something that includes Netflix and a crazy amount of games downloaded from the app store. Never will they know the joys of raising a few bits to a few pixels in the palm of their hand.

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