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Sativa and Indica: School activities to pair with the two major cannabis plants

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By Jacqueline Matskiv

As of Oct. 17, you can use cannabis wherever it is legal to smoke a cigarette. That leaves you with a lot of options on campus, should you wish to light up.

Here are a few (semi-appropriate) suggestions of school-related activities that could go well with either of the two most popular cannabis plants: sativa or indica.  The former is associated more with a mind high, while the latter with a body high. Everyone reacts differently, but hopefully you can find the right type for you. 



1. Get creative (for credit!): Last semester, I took a creative writing course to offset potential burnout from my other coursework. Sativa strains generally contain more THC (the psychoactive compound in weed), compared to indica strains. That’s why common legend has it that sativa produces a more energizing, “mind high,” which can help you push through those creative inhibitions. If writing isn’t your thing, Ryerson also offers some great improv classes.

2. Hit the MAC: Try micro-dosing on some sativa before working out. Cannabis has different effects on different individuals, so this may not work for everyone. But science tells us that weed affects how our brains respond to pain, sometimes making it feel less intense and more manageable when you’re high. Plus, a mild high can help you enter a “flow state,” making you hyper focused on whatever you’re doing, while elevating your workout music to a whole other level. The key here is not to consume too much.

3. Find a student group/club: Socializing can be more fun with a little help from a stimulating sativa. Student groups are a great way to connect with your peers and commit to something you care about. Ryerson has 85 student groups to choose from, which range from human rights advocacy to a K-Pop fan club. Find one that calls to you.



1. Wind down and read: Indica strains tend to produce a more relaxing, body high, making them a great addition to your readings. Ratios vary from one strain to another, but typically, indica strains contain more CBD—a non-psychoactive compound that is used medicinally as a pain reliever—than they do THC. Indica can help you wind down at the end of the day, especially if you’ve been drinking too much coffee and stressing over deadlines.

2. Meditate: Micro-dosing is best for this scenario, so you’re not overly stimulated, which can make sitting still and focusing on your breath feel like an impossible task. Meditation is amazing for stress management, and a grounding indica can help you get in the zone. Keep an eye out for free meditation workshops at Ryerson. They tend to come around during exam season.

3. Take a nap: The medical literature on how cannabis affects sleep is inconsistent. Studies show that although intermittent use can help with insomnia, regular use has the potential to worsen your sleep cycle. But if you’ve found that cannabis helps ease your anxiety, or your body pain, you may find an indica strain useful in inducing deep relaxation and sleep. If you have a long break between classes and a late night ahead of you, try consuming some indica and taking a cat nap on one of those cozy bean bags at the SLC.

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