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Understanding the stresses cannabis can take off a student’s shoulders

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By Maggie Macintosh

From medical treatments for anxiety during course selection to midterm season insomnia, cannabis can cure certain stresses associated with being a student.

Pot helps address different conditions since cannabis tops up your low level of endocannabinoids, said Pram Sandhu, a pharmacist and the vice-president of medical operations at National Access Cannabis Medical. The endocannabinoid system in the human body that regulates the function of the brain and immune system.  

Pot isn’t a “first-line therapy” at present since there isn’t a lot of high quality evidence supporting the drug as widely effective for medical purposes for all people, Sandhu said. Under legalization, however, way more research grants and exploration into the drug is expected.

“We’ve got so much to learn about what these different strains can offer,” said Brad Poulos, a Ryerson University business instructor and expert in medical cannabis.

The Eye spoke to pot educators and experts about the ways weed can take some weight off your shoulders. But while it can do wonders for some students, it’s important to visit a physician or nurse practitioner and receive a proper diagnosis before toking as a form of medical treatment.

Can cure insomnia

Forget bedtime stories, pot can put you to bed! Experts say small doses of THC-based products, which are made from the psychoactive compound in cannabis, can cause sedation so you fall asleep quickly. “A lot of people take cannabis for nothing more than to help them sleep,” said Poulos. 

Can reduce anxiety

People who use cannabis over a long-term period have reported feeling reduced anxiety and relief from tension. Products made from CBD—the non-psychoactive compound from the hemp plant—are best for treating this condition. In fact, some educators say THC-based products can actually cause anxiety.


“We’ve got so much to learn about what these different strains can offer”


Helps with migraines and physical pain

Some patients have found pot and pot-related products can ease migraine pain and other chronic pains. It’s often prescribed to cancer patients for those reasons. And notably, if you’re taking pot for medical reasons, “You should be at the point where it relieves your symptoms and you don’t feel euphoria or the high,” Sandhu said.

Can lift feelings of depression

Weed can be a mood-lifting drug that brings about feelings of glee and an overall sense of well-being. But since it has the potential to worsen depression since everyone is affected by it differently, experts say it’s important to consult a psychiatrist first.

It can help with general stress

Depending on the strain, cannabis can either stimulate students to focus on taking lecture notes or relax and get cozy on the couch with chips. The terpene compounds in cannabis indica strains are particularly known for being able to help with both mental and muscle relaxation.

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