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App of the Week: HomeCourt

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By Alex Moore and Christopher Sarkar

Calling all ballers! This app will maximize your game and take basketball to the next level.

HomeCourt, only available on Apple devices, can help you train your basketball skills more efficiently. The app was developed under the influence of two-time NBA MVP, Steve Nash.

This app does not require sensors or any special technology, just a clear view of the court you are practicing on.

This app tracks four types of different shots; catch and shoot, off the dribble, layups and free throws. It then tracks shot release speed, shot release angle, your speed before a shot, the angle of your legs, and your vertical when jumping for a shot.

This can help you understand your shot mechanics and how you can perfect your game.

The app also features contests, where you reach a certain milestone in return for a prize. For example, if you shoot 10 three-pointers faster than other players, you can win $50 in prize money. This is a very convenient way to challenge yourself—especially since you have nothing to lose.


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