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Faculty of Science student director resigns from RSU board

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By Maggie Macintosh

A Faculty of Science director has resigned from the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) board, The Eye has learned.

Evan Almeida submitted his resignation letter, which is dated Oct. 2, to RSU president Ram Ganesh. He wrote in the letter that he wanted to resign after the board meeting on Oct. 25.

“I would like to cast my votes one last time and privately say goodbye to my fellow directors,” Almeida wrote in the letter.

He wrote that he was resigning from the Board of Directors (BoD) due to “personal and professional circumstances beyond my control.”

Almeida also wrote that despite having contributed to RSU events and projects, he wasn’t going to accept his honourarium for either the spring and summer or fall semester.

Almeida did not respond to a request for comment.

Ryerson University’s spring 2018 convocation records show a student named Evan F. Almeida graduated from the computer science program.

It is unclear if Almeida was attending Ryerson this semester when he was on the BoD.

The RSU’s bylaws state all BoD members must be current Ryerson students.

Ganesh couldn’t confirm whether or not Almeida was taking courses at Ryerson while he was on the BoD.

Earlier this semester an RSU director gave his resignation from the board when The Eye discovered he wasn’t enrolled in any classes at Ryerson. The RSU then approved a motion to verify all board members are current students at their September BoD meeting.

Ganesh said they had yet to start the investigation one month later.

On Nov. 15, he said the investigation is underway.


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