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How not to fail a class with Ryerson’s ultimate assignment extension

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By Gabrielle Olano

It’s essay time and exam season is only weeks away. You’re balancing school work, a part-time job and a social life. And now, you feel a serious cold coming on. Before you cry as you attempt to choose between failing a course or succumbing to the flu, stop and breathe because there is another way that doesn’t involve begging on your knees.

Students can get a three-month extension for any assignment or arrange an alternate exam date, with the help of Ryerson University’s Incomplete Grade Update Form.

All you need to do is fill out and submit a form to your instructor and provide proper supporting documentation to get an extension. Students can receive an extension under “documented medical or compassionate grounds,” according to the Senate undergraduate grading policies.

When applying for an incomplete grade (INC), a student must appeal to their instructor within three working days of the incomplete assignment or missed exam.

An instructor who is awarding the INC must send the applicant a written statement about what needs to be done and the final due date.

From that point on, just make sure you don’t totally forget about doing it.

You will be assigned an INC, meaning you won’t have to settle for an F, if you complete the outstanding work before the given deadline of the extension.

According to the university, an INC can allow students up to three additional months for work to be complete after a course is over. So, if you didn’t get vaccinated and feel like you might come down with the flu on the day of your exam, apply for an INC and save yourself. Make sure you let that friend who you shared that iced tea with know about INCs, too.

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