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To the RSU, I am apparently a security threat

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By Alanna Rizza

It’s that time of the year when The Eyeopener writes an edgy editorial explaining how journalism works.

So far this term, Eyeopener editors and reporters have been accused of inappropriate behaviour and an “incident report” is being filed against us.

This week, we received a tip that the Wellness Centre—where students can access resources to improve their mental health—is no longer operating. So we investigated to find out if that was true.

I found that the centre had a massive padlock on the door handle and the window was covered. When I knocked on the door, two RSU staff members in the room opened the door and gestured me in. The centre is now being used as an RSU workspace and as storage. I also saw video game consoles strewn around. I started taking photos when the former RSU exec lunged at me, trying to grab my camera.

I told RSU president Ram Ganesh that I was allowed into the centre. Then when I asked for comment, his response was, “You’re treating me like a child.” He then said, “Don’t ever call me again” and hung up the phone. He later stated in an email that an “incident report” is being filed against The Eye. Ganesh answered my questions over email the next day, but he continues to say I entered the room “without permission.”

Ganesh later wrote in an email, “If anyone from The Eye enters our space without consent, I’m going to have to call security for safety reasons.”

Last week, an RSU executive cancelled an interview with an Eye editor last-minute. The exec then said the RSU would be “conducting an investigation” because the editor asked an equity centre employee about his work experience after receiving numerous complaints about the equity centre’s current operations.

When the RSU says that they value transparency, threatening to call security on journalists when we do our jobs doesn’t sound like accepting accountability. If asking questions is considered a safety issue, I can’t wait for the spike in Ryerson security incident emails I’m about to receive.


    1. Are you surprised? It’s the Eyeopener. We are expected to take their word as gospel. I find it interesting that it isn’t mentioned whether or not this reporter identified themselves as such when they came to the door. Perhaps they did, but the omission of that fact from the article is interesting. It’s also interesting that the Eyeopener is being accused by the RSU of not respecting the consent of their members. I thought consent was important and that we always believe victims, I guess not in this case though. I wonder, if it was a Ryersonian reporter who had been accused of this if the Eyeopener would be writing the same op-ed, or if it would be an op-ed about how journalists need to respect boundaries and consent of school officials.

    1. Also think it’s important for the photos to be posted. I’m trying to think of a reason why they weren’t (for security or legal reasons) but the only thing that comes to mind is maybe the photos were too low of a quality.

      Can the Eyeopener comment?

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