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What other universities think of Ryerson

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By Peter Ash


“Elitist assholes will say RU is shit, but I think it’s a decent school if you wanna just get a job and live a chill life”

-Ali Djebel Ameli, fourth-year Management and Finance student at University of Toronto


“People who go to Ryerson either couldn’t get into U of T or were smart enough not to be associated with U of T”

-Michael Wong, fourth-year Kinesiology and Health student at University of Toronto


“Didn’t let my best friend in even though it was their literal dream, so not a big fan…but my other friend goes, so also, kind of a fan…but with a vendetta”

-Brooklyn Elizabeth Ingram, student at Wilfrid Laurier


“People at Ryerson seem to be having a lot more fun than people at U of T”

-Lucas Miceli, fourth-year Political Science student not having fun at University of Toronto

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