Head Into the Lachemi-verse

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From the studio that brought you Ram Ganesh’s Day Off and The Wizard of Ossington, comes an all-new animated film starring classic characters from Ryerson University. Bitten by a radioactive rat from Gould Street, Ryerson president Mohamed Lachemi rapidly develops incredible powers, turning him into the one and only Ryerson-Man. When he meets previous Ryerson president Sheldon Levy, he soon realizes there are others around who share his new web-slinging, wall-sticking abilities. 

Classic Ryerson-Man of our universe. Illustration: Catherine Cha

Lachemi must now use his newfound skills to fight hulking mad man, Doug Ford and his team of villains, who’ve begun tearing holes in OSAP throughout the multiverse and pulling different versions of Ryerson-Man into our campus. Guest stars include; A version of Lachemi that is the exact same except the Brampton campus still exists, and Mohamed LacHAMi a version of our president still with powers but from a universe where everyone is a ham sandwich.

Ryerson-Man except in his universe the Brampton campus was a success. Illustration: Catherine Cha

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