Editorial: Can shit go back to normal now?

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By Jacob Dubé

On Feb. 11, the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) board of directors impeached their president.

If your baseline for what passes off as regular news is a bit out of whack, let me remind you that this is not normal. While there have been some impeachment motions presented and a few resignations, nobody has been forcefully removed from the RSU in 20 years—in 1999, an executive and incoming executive were drawing dildos on other candidates’ posters and were asked by the board to resign.

The RSU has become a drama-filled meme generator, which has been too busy dealing with its own problems to properly focus on their own responsibilities.

On the bright side, the board ordered an independent audit, reduced the exorbitant executive salaries and the new president says he wants to make changes that increase the agency and accountability of the board.

We’re more than justified to remain a little skeptical, but there’s hints we’re at the end of this chapter. At least until election season

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