How to continue your Hot Girl Summer during frosh

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By Hot Girl

Don’t lose the energy you embodied all summer. Here are some tips to live your best Hot Girl Summer during frosh:

1. Move to the beat of your own drum

If the friend you met five minutes ago doesn’t want to go to the next frosh event with you, go alone. Don’t plan your week around anybody but yourself. You’re too hot for that.

2. Hook up outside of your program

The first week of classes might be awkward if you already know what one of your classmates looks like naked. Better yet, dip your toes in another faculty.

3. Get a reliable fake ID

I wouldn’t wish an all-ages club night at Orchid upon my worst enemy. Borrow an ID from someone older who looks like you. Your $50 ID from “Alberta” that says you’re 27 will definitely get confiscated. 

4. Be yourself

Everybody is just trying to make friends and have fun. If somebody has a “too-cool-for-school” mentality, they definitely peaked in high school. Don’t take it personally!

5. Don’t worry if you aren’t making friends

Real friendships take time to form. A lot of people won’t meet their best friends during frosh. This doesn’t mean you’re weird. You just have to find your type of weird.

6. Check out wholesome events

There’s a certain I-have-to-be-blackout-drunk-every-minute energy to frosh. It’s 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. Go to the pancake breakfast and do that scavenger hunt.

While a big part of frosh involves turning up, it’s also about meeting new people, making memories and living your best life regardless of what other people think. 

From one Hot Girl to another, stay safe and have fun. Good luck, froshies!

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