Ryersonian to print only three times a semester

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By Valerie Dittrich

After 70 years of printing on a weekly basis, The Ryersonian will now print their newspaper just three times a semester.

The Ryerson School of Journalism (RSJ) posted on their website that their decision to move to an online operation was to “[give students] more time and resources to produce multi-platform packages” for their website. 

The Ryersonian decided to go where its audience is, refocusing student efforts to newsgathering and publication for the online community,” the post read. 

The Ryersonian is a publication run by the RSJ by fourth-year students for course credit. Students can work at the Sonian for six weeks on a full-time basis or for 12 weeks on a part-time basis.

“We really want to emphasize the digital-first aspect of [The Ryersonian],” said Janice Neil, chair of RSJ. “We want to give [students] more opportunity for breaking news and have the paper to be able to build stories out further.” 

In addition, Neil said that it will give students more time to produce their daily podcast, their daily TV broadcast and long-form, in-depth features.

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