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TRSM revamps after tuition cuts

By Alexandra Holyk

The Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) has undergone some drastic changes within the faculty as a result of the Ontario government’s cuts to tuition and to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

After it was announced in January that the Ontario government planned to slash tuition fees for students by 10 per cent, Ryerson, along with all other universities in the province, worked to find ways to provide students with the same curriculum and opportunities previously offered—on a budget.

Shortly after this was shared, TRSM Dean Daphne Taras sent out an email to all students within the faculty regarding curriculum revitalizations, additional scholarships and the need for sponsorships to fund student-led initiatives within the TRSM.

“I am committed to ensuring a high-quality, innovative approach to post-secondary learning,” Taras said in her email in January. 

The Eyeopener followed up with Taras on the progress the faculty has made. 

It was revealed in her email that TRSM removed a previously mandatory course: BUS100—“Strategies for Success.” 

Eduardo Rodríguez, fourth-year business management student, said that he wasn’t surprised the course was cut. “The course was too demanding for a pass [or] fail course. The course got in my way more than it helped,” Rodriguez said. He added that he knows a number of other students feel the same way.

In response to removing BUS100, Taras said that the faculty worked towards strengthening their career services by adding dozens of free bootcamps. The bootcamps are taught by students for students, giving them the opportunity to obtain technical training relevant to the industry. 

They have also brought more attention to their advising services and allocated a staff member that guides students who are struggling, as well as increased funding to the Ted Rogers Students’ Society to support their student-led initiatives.

Other courses affected were ACC100—“Introductory Financial Accounting,” which now starts with a general curriculum with its various strands being delivered and coached by students, and BUS800 — “Strategic Management”, in which a section-wide faculty coordinator has been placed.

The TRSM funded a study that analyzes students who drop out of school. This retention program was developed in order to prevent this from happening further. It is expected to be completed in October.

“It is important to understand that TRSM now has a vibrant suite of offerings outside the curriculum that did not exist two years ago. We did achieve cost-cutting goals, but also moved our budget priorities around to support student needs,” Taras said.

Taras also mentioned the faculty’s addition of $100,000 to student scholarships over the last year, as well as the creation of a Dean’s Circle specifically designed to support student learning and be a resource to always answer questions that may arise as students are in the bootcamps. Based on the previous year’s support, Taras hopes to add another $200,000 to provide TRSM students with the financial aid they need.

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