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By Madi Wong

Opt-in percentages for student groups on campus 

Ryerson University president Mohamed Lachemi said that the university has finished compiling the final opt-in numbers since the Student Choice Initiative was implemented. 

Lachemi said that the opt-in percentages range for each student group and union category, but the lowest percentage for any of the categories is 43 per cent, while the highest is 79 per cent. 

“I’m extremely pleased that the fall 2019 opt-in rates demonstrate support for student life activities and reflect how much we value student engagement here,” he said. 

Honorary doctorates awarded at fall convocation 

During fall convocation, judge Maryka Omatsu and entrepreneur Saijad Ebrahim were awarded honorary doctorates for their work.

According to Ryerson’s website, Omatsu is a “trailblazer in the Canadian justice system” and became the first woman of East Asian heritage to be appointed a judge in Canada. 

The site also said Ebrahim is an award-winning entrepreneur who was given the 2016 Lifetime Achievement award from the Canadian Plastic Industry Association.

He has also helped sponsor 20 Syrian refugee families through Ryerson. 

Advanced polling turnout was the highest in recent years

In a HuffPost article, Elections Canada said that 4.7 million people voted during the advanced polling session over Thanksgiving weekend. 

During advanced polling on campus, Ryerson’s polling station had consecutive lines down the stairs of the Student Campus Centre. 

RyersonVotes, a campaign by the Democratic Engagement Exchange aimed to double vote turnout on campus from 1,500 to 3,000 full-time students. 

RyersonVotes said in a press release that campus voting was up 61 per cent from the last election. 

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