Four types of professors that make you say ‘Ok boomer’

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By Nathaniel Crouch

When ‘Ok boomer’ first started to take charge as a response to old, intolerant people and the remarks they make, everyone from Generation X sighed in relief. 

‘Ok boomer’ was a phrase invented to  shut down disrespectful or lukewarm opinions. 

Largely, the meme is all about class consciousness and a rejection of status quo constructed by previous generations.

Basically, it boils down to the fact that we’re now calling baby boomers “boomers” and they really hate it.

There are many boomers in our university. Here are some of the types you may encounter while on campus:

Leonard Sherbet

The 68-year-old psychology professor is best known for his “No electronics in the classroom” rule. He’ll complain about the “younger generation” always being on their phones and then won’t know how to start a PowerPoint presentation. He’s been quoted multiple times saying, “Back in my day we didn’t have fidget spinners, we’d just catch the local raccoon and play toss with it ‘til one of us got rabies.”

Sherbet’s phone background on his 2006 LG Chocolate (VX8500) is a photo of him and Doug Ford. He can’t wait for the Premier to “make Ontario great again.” 

He introduced himself in class lectures as “the only non-snowflake in attendance,” but cries and screams when he can’t turn off YouTube’s autoplay during a lecture.

Catherine French

French believes the use of the word meme is literally a slur. She posts on Facebook group “Wine Moms of Etobicoke” that it’s just as bad as words that are used to demean marginalized communities. She ends the post with #SundayThoughts #RealWineTruth. 

In that same group, she posts about the pride she feels when she asks to see the manager. She loves pushing the narrative that students will always be unemployable if they have tattoos and piercings. If only she would listen to her eight kids—all named variations of “Hailey”— about how to properly treat people in retail, she wouldn’t have been a target of this meme. 

Richard Blower

Being a ‘boomer’ is a state of mind and 39-year-old Blower has that thinking cap snug on the top of his head. Despite being a Gen X-millennial cusp, Blower wears his opinions proudly and supports Jeff Bezos and trickle-down economics. His Twitter is an absolute nightmare, with tweets like: “I just hate Brie Larson” and a photo of a ‘50s diner with the caption: “take me back to the good old days.” 

He might be the last ‘boomer’ standing, only because they will all die out by the time Blower hits 60. He saw Star Wars when it came out solely to rant on Twitter about the  non-white stormtrooper.

Jordan Peterson

Scientists are 99.68 per cent positive that ‘Ok boomer’ stemmed from a generation getting very tired arguing with Peterson and others like him. It’s not funny or unique to disrespect someone’s pronouns. 

Besides the fact that he’s managed to capitalize off his own ignorance, he has his own daughter convinced that an all-meat diet is the key to happiness and longevity. Idiot.

No matter how many Toronto Star articles or personal blog posts you share, Peterson, you ain’t shit. Everyone knows that you nearly smashed your computer after seeing people had replied to your video titled “There will only be two genders in my classroom” with ‘Ok boomer.’

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