Winter mixtape: the ultimate cozy playlist for your semester

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By Georgia Mills

It’s no secret that the month of January sucks. 

The come down from the holidays can be brutal, and frankly, most of us would rather stay in bed until noon listening to music or curating our own playlists. In honour of that, The Eye put together a mixtape of golden oldies, 2000’s pop rock and some soft tunes to get you in the mood to rise and shine this semester. 

This listening experience involves tiny AirPods on the TTC, with a takeout coffee in hand. Feel free to add the listening device, transit method and accessory that best speak to you.

All the Small Things – Blink-182 

All the Small Things is great to listen to when you’re approaching Yonge and Dundas, where happiness goes to die in the throngs of people moving like zombies outside the Eaton Centre. Blink-182’s classic is a perfect melodrama only rivalled by a strong shot of espresso right before an 8 a.m. lecture in Kerr Hall. 

Umbrella – Rihanna ft. JAY-Z

What makes this Umbrella song a great winter blues killer is that when the sun sets early and all your course work is done for the week, you can grab a friend and karaoke to it all night long. With Umbrella, you are guaranteed to feel good for a minimum of four minutes and 36 seconds.

Inside and Out – Feist

Feist is the ultimate Toronto cool girl. The earnest and effusive charm that she packs into this early 2000’s hit is something that we all need this time of year. I’d recommend throwing it on when you’re wandering around the Rogers Communication Centre (RCC), and put a spring in your step. 

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield. 

When you first hear this song watching The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, you see Blake Lively running down a strip of beach in Mexico. You’ll get hooked instantly.

It needs to be played when you’re on the 505 bus passing Riverdale park, heading to class, with a telescopic view of the city before you. 

Or when it’s snowing, obviously.

Just What I Needed – The Cars 

Trying to get your life together this semester? This song is for you. It’s perfect to listen to when you’re wearing a cute thrifted sweater from Kensington, dodging students on your way to class. 

With The Cars, you can do anything, and surpass any three-hour plus lecture you have on a Monday night.

Friday I’m in Love – The Cure

This song really makes you want to dance around early in the morning, while you wait for your toast to pop out. Friday I’m in Love is its very own vitamin D supplement every morning, as it’s a track that consistently never let’s you sleep through your alarm.  

Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

Here Comes the Sun makes you remember that better days are on the way. Summer is coming, but until then, when you’re feeling a little down and out, this is a great song to listen to while doing everything or nothing at all. 

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