How to send nudes (appropriately)

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Words by Auntie Nina

Congratulations! Someone finds you physically attractive, you’re both 18+ and the two of you have consensually established that exchanging naked pictures, nudes, is an appropriate step to progress your relationship. Here are some tips on how to keep this exchange pleasant for both parties!


Your partner might love pictures of you in a g-string, but their boss might not. So make sure to include some pictures their boss might like! But seriously, find an appropriate time that works for both of you. Perhaps outside the hours of 9 to 5? 

 Do they want to?

With any sexual encounter, consent is essential. If your partner has explicitly expressed interest in exchanging nudes, then go for it! But set boundaries with what they want to see, and what you’re comfortable with showing.

Do you want to?

Think if sharing sexy pictures is what you truly want. Did you make this decision with solely your own needs in mind? Are you getting the same satisfaction sending nudes as you are receiving them? Is this something you may be uncomfortable with later on? These are all questions you should consider asking yourself before sending those spicy pics. 

Don’t beg!

Unless this is a kink you folks share, don’t repeatedly beg for nudes. This can come off as needy, manipulative and honestly, sad. 

Stay safe!

People can be straight up evil. And if they’re really evil, they won’t show you right away. So remember to consider the possibility that your partner could leak your nudes. Keep your face, or any identifying features such as birthmarks out of your nudes, unless you’re chill with them leaking. 

You have now been educated in the art of sending nudes. Go forth my nudist, the world is your sexy oyster!

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