Quarantine Vibes: The Eye’s solidarity self-isolation playlist

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By The Eyeopener Masthead

Since post-secondary institutions announced last week that all in-person classes are cancelled, most students have been sitting alone in confusion with TikTok playing in the background. While you’re lying down in your bed with your laptop watching your professor try to figure out how Zoom works, you’re probably thinking, “Is this what the ‘best years of my life’ are gonna look like? Big yikes.”

Self-isolation can be tough—especially if you live alone—so The Eye masthead created a playlist that’ll hopefully make you feel as though we’re right there in your apartment with you. So please, put on some pants and jam out to the full playlist on Spotify.

“Oops!…I Did It Again” by Britney Spears

The superior handwashing song! Wash your hands, then wash them again. Oops!

“Dirty Hands” by Passport Radio & Quezal

Given the circumstances, this song can now be interpreted as a ballad of two friends with benefits risking it all to find some human contact. It’s like Pride and Prejudice—but instead of defying the class system of 19th century England, you’re facing a pandemic…and you’re a hoe.

“The Box” by Roddy Ricch

After two weeks of socially distancing yourself, you may just feel like you’re stuck in a box—but at least you’ll be vibing.

“Get Busy” by Sean Paul

If you miss shaking your ass in the club, look no further than “Get Busy.” This track will make your cheeks clap until tomorrow. FaceTime your friends, put on something sexy, make yourself a drink, turn the lights off and get wild.

“Limbo Rock” by The Champs

It’s what they played during the Cold War and it’s what we’ll play now.

“Vibe” by CookieeKawaii

Isolation is the best time for contemplating life’s greatest mysteries, such as: “If I back it up, is it fat enough?”, “When I throw it back, is it fast enough?” and “If I speed it up, can you handle that?” And once you realize that the world is simply not ready for this work, only then will you be powerful enough to throw it back.

“Tipsy” by J-Kwon

We may not be able to engage in big gatherings in the club or house parties, but who says we can’t blast some music and hold our White Claws up in the air via a Zoom dance party? There are no laws when you’re in self-isolation drinking Claws.

“Dang!” by Mac Miller & Anderson .Paak

This song is a certified evergreen bop that makes any activity more fun. Scrubbing down dishes from your 16th serving of pasta? Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds even though your skin has scaled over to the point of being impenetrable? Staring out the window and wishing for human contact? This song works in every situation.

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