Winter mixtape: Angsty songs to start off another online semester in lockdown

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By Abeer Khan

Having to do another semester online sucks, but it sucks even more now that we’re in a vaguely described lockdown that lacks structure. Life feels tedious and every day feels more draining. 

It’s the same routine: wake up, put on a different pair of sweatpants, sit in front of a computer for eight hours, go to bed and then do the same thing all over again the next day. It’s tiring, brutal and can make you feel like you’re no longer a person. 

When this happens, sometimes it’s better to bask in your feelings of dread and despair before finding the will to move on. To help you navigate this bleak winter, The Eyeopener created a playlist of angsty songs to listen to when things get rough.

Grab your headphones, a comfort plushie or blanket and get ready to get into your feels!

Drivers license — Olivia Rodrigo

“Drivers license” is the perfect song to listen to when you’re sinking in your own emotions. It makes you feel things you probably haven’t felt since high school, which makes sense since it’s a song (quite literally) fuelled by teenage angst. Once you listen to it, you’ll want to play it on repeat and just stare into the abyss. 

Heather — Conan Gray

Dealing with imposter syndrome is real. You dig yourself into a pit of self-deprecation and self-loathing and it’s hard to climb out. In Conan Gray’s “Heather,” he belts out these same feelings and makes you feel like you’re going through them with him. It’s my favourite song to listen to when I simply no longer want to be, and after I listen to it, I feel a bit better. 

Alrighty Aphrodite Peach Pit

When things are getting too much and you just need a breather, hit play on this track. Peach Pit’s mellow sound and laid back lyrics makes for a calm and blissful listening experience, free of any worry.  Listening to this song is like letting everything go and pretending you don’t have a million things to do—it’s freeing!

Space song — Beach House

This is the first Beach House song I ever listened to and to this day, it’s my favourite. As my first introduction to Dreampop, I fell in love. When you’re lost and feel like you can’t do anything but cry, let Beach House accompany you with their dreamy sound and soothe you with their calm affirmations. 

Ribs — Lorde

This song is the epitome of both having zero thoughts and all the thoughts in the world running around in your head. It makes you think about the purpose of your existence and at the same time, makes it feel like you have no purpose at all—it’s great! 


Joji’s melancholic vibe is put on full blast in this powerful song. Its mellow and emotion-filled sound will make you sway your head back and forth and just listen to his voice with no care in the world. 

D (Half Moon) — DEAN ft. Gaeko

“D (Half Moon)” is a smooth K-RnB song with a cool melody and unique structure. DEAN’s voice blends really well with the music and pairs perfectly with Gaeko’s rap. It makes you feel like laying down on the grass and staring up at the stars, as cliche as that sounds. 

Alewife — Clairo

Clairo has a way of writing songs that make you feel soft and strong at the same time, and “Alewife” is no different. This song makes you feel so vulnerable with it’s delicate vocals, but as its strong beat reaches its crescendo, it will leave your heart pounding. By the end, you’ll feel inspired and ready to conquer the world.

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