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SRM building in the centre. On the top left, a man is giving another man a package. Top right corner, a woman is inspecting a package. On the bottom left, an email reads that a package has arrived. On the bottom right is a collection of university stamps.
Illustration by Laila Amer
All Business & Technology

How does Ryerson’s mail service work?

Illustrations by Laila Amer

Reporting by Sidra Jafri

Ever wondered what goes on inside 105 Bond Street? This infographic is an up-to-date, step-by-step breakdown of the mailing processes done by Ryerson’s Shipping, Receiving and Mail Services (SRM).

The SRM teams work to send packages to the destinations and recipients awaiting them, in and outside of Ryerson. All mail sent to the university ends up in the SRM building, ready to go through the required processes before delivery. The team processes approximately 7,000 packages monthly that will be mailed to or for faculty, departments and students, in as timely a manner as possible. Their tasks include preparing courier shipments by sorting and distributing them across campus, collecting and metering (printing proof of payment stickers on the packaging) and even stocking and supplying stationery such as paper and exam booklets for all faculties. 

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