Self-care tips from your rich best friend

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By Julia Paolercio

Hi babe, it’s me, your rich best friend! I know midterm season is *sigh* the WORST, so I’ve compiled a list of my favourite self-care tips to get you through it. I know you’ll love them, and I promise you will feel soooo refreshed and relaxed after following these simple steps. It’s going to be A-MA-ZING!

1) Indulge in some retail therapy

We all know a little retail therapy can cure the worst days and moods, and is so much more glam than actual therapy. Put on your favourite outfit and buy those cute Valentino shoes you’ve been thinking about, you know you want to. And don’t just restrict yourself to clothes; indulge in life’s luxuries! It’s not a mid mid-life crisis, it’s a pandemic Porsche! Nothing beats that new-car smell! Plus, driving around your gated community is guaranteed to release endorphins to get you through your midterms.

2) Go for a dip in your hot tub

OK, I know it’s cold. That’s why I opted for the hot tub instead of the infinity pool! Put on your bikini and take a quick dip. Turn up your favourite playlist (thank God for Spotify Premium, amirite?) and let the steam work its magic. Bring a cup of Godiva cocoa with you to really make it cozy.

3) Have a meditation session at your second home

Family is a blessing, but sometimes they can be super loud and distracting. Solution? Get your chauffeur to drive you up to your second home in the countryside, so you can have a quiet and relaxing meditation session. A serene, grounding experience is exactly what you need to treat yourself during this midterm season. Javier, my meditation instructor, is fantastic. I’ll see if he can squeeze you in! Plus, you can take advantage of the lack of light pollution and have a starry night Instagram shoot! Such a cute aesthetic. 

4) Take a quick trip to the Maldives

I know I feel most relaxed on vacation, so the best self-care tip I can recommend is taking a cute trip to the Maldives. With the sun on your skin, sand between your toes and a margarita in your hand all your stress will melt away. Sure, you’ll have to be extra discreet about skirting travel restrictions, but taking your private jet solves that problem. Plus, the pre-vacation shopping spree is always a good time. Take a deep breath of that fresh Maldivian air and forget about all your worries!

5) Get your chef to whip you up a bomb breakfast

A healthy breakfast makes ALL the difference in preparation for a busy day. I recommend asking your chef to make you a healthy, yummy breakfast the night before to give them enough time to prepare it. I personally love avocado toast garnished with Paddlefish caviar and a green smoothie. It’s the best combo to get me through long days of studying.

6) Do a 24K gold facial, à la Kim K.

Kim Kardashian is the queen of luxury, so take a tip from her and focus on skincare this midterm season. Facials are the epitome of relaxation. Try indulging in a 24K gold facial; it’s amazing for skin regeneration and gives you that serene glow you’ve been lacking. Pair it with laser skin therapy and microdermabrasion treatment for the ultimate spa experience. Ask your facialist if she could squeeze you in, I promise you won’t regret it! 

7) Spend the day in the stables

Spending the day with your horses can be so relaxing and fun. Strap on your favourite riding boots and enjoy a day at the stables. You could even help the stable hand groom your large, beautiful animals, and you won’t even need to worry about cleaning up after them! But don’t forget to give all the horses some love. Spend an equal amount of time with each so no one feels left out.

That’s all from me bestie! I hope these tips help you have a lovely, relaxing midterm season. Worst case scenario, I know a guy who can take your exams for you. He’s such a pro, he always gets at least one question wrong on purpose. DM me for his info! 

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