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Return of the froshies

Whether its getting lost in Kerr Hall, meeting new pals or exploring Toronto, these froshies are ready for it all!

Visuals by Harry Clarke

As we approach a semi-normal frosh week, we asked first- and second-year Ryerson students to fill out journal prompts about how they feel as they make the much-anticipated return to in-person classes and campus life.

What are you most excited to experience going to school in Toronto?

“It’s refreshing from the suburbs, with access to cheap but good food and you can encounter people from all places, walks of life and ethnicities. It’s dynamic and alive, yet individuals go about their own business. It gives a sense of grandness and individualism, especially in a campus setting.”

— Iris Yeh, interior design, year 2

“I’m from Southern California, so I’m excited to be going to school in the busy city of Toronto. I also can’t wait to experience snow!”

— Isela Gomez, graphic communications management, year 2 

“Being able to commute on my rainbow longboard and that the food on and near campus won’t be terrible.”

— Lara Weeks, geographical analysis, year 1

What are you most looking forward to about in-person learning and being on campus?

picture of balzacs coffee and donuts

“As a first-year student, I’m most looking forward to experiencing the feeling of sitting in a packed lecture hall and running from one class to another on a campus that’s so new to us. With in-person classes, we can finally see our peers and professors face-to-face instead of staring at initials on a Zoom call all day long. I’m excited to meet friends outside of class and have the most memorable freshman year!”

— Fatima Raza, journalism, year 1

“I’m looking forward to finally being able to participate and join in-person events and meeting new people. Online learning has been so hard emotionally and academically, which is why even if it’s a mixture of hybrid learning, I’m more than excited for that. Finally being able to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people every day is very exciting and something I’m looking forward to doing while also being involved in different activities and events within Ryerson.

— Krishika Vinod Jethani Changrani, creative industries, year 2

What’s one ‘Ryerson thing’ you’ve heard about that you want to experience?

“Definitely getting lost in Kerr Hall! I’m thinking to myself, ‘It can’t be that bad, can it?’ I’m also excited to visit the athletic centres!”

This is a photo of the SLC on a stamp

— Isela Gomez, graphic communications management, year 2

“I want to experience getting lost between campus and exploring the engineering building.”

— Anissa El-Farkh, electrical engineering, year 1

“I want to experience life inside the Sheldon and Tracy Levy Student Learning Centre (SLC). I’ve heard so many good things about the building. I’m excited to get the vibe of all these floors throughout my next few years at Ryerson.”

— Krishika Vinod Jethani Changrani, creative industries, year 2

“Getting lost inside the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) building’s upper floors because they all look the same.”

— Iris Yeh, interior design, year 2

How do you anticipate making friends in-person this year?

“I’m planning on stepping out of my comfort zone and trying my best to be open-minded and talk to new people every day. Whether it works out or not, I’m going to try my best and make the most of the school year now that it’s finally somewhat in-person. I also think it’s very important to step out of your comfort zone because without trying, you’ll  never know what can turn out and the amazing friends you can end up making!”

—Krishika Vinod Jethani Changrani, creative industries, year 2

Are you nervous about being at school in-person after spending so much time learning online?

“Yes I am. I’m worried that I won’t have as much time to myself as I did with online learning. Commuting and walking around campus may take up a lot of time out of my already busy day.”

a stamp with the ram in the rye log

—Isela Gomez, graphic communications management, year 2

“I’m actually coming back to finish my degree after a two-year medical break, so doing school online will actually be a first for me. I’m nervous for sure!”

—Lara Weeks, geographical analysis, year 1

“I’m a bit nervous going back to in-person learning after so much time online, but more than nervous, I’m excited. Online learning was always hard for me and I’m really excited to be able to do as much in-person as is allowed at Ryerson. It seems so weird to think that two years ago, it was the most normal thing but now it’s not. I’m sure that with time and as things keep getting better, it will all feel normal again!”

—Krishika Vinod Jethani Changrani, creative industries, year 2

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