Your November horoscope

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By Maya Al Afghani

The stars aren’t always merciful, but their plans for you won’t be denied this November. Make sure you check your sun, moon and rising placements to be totally prepared for all possibilities this month…


You’re feeling suffocated by group dynamics. You don’t want to be the ‘fiery best friend’ character in the indie movie of your life anymore. It’s time to be the emotionally stunted but well-dressed lead who’s starting their journey of growth. Evaluate what’s best for your emotional health, and leave whoever’s stifling you behind. Trust your intuition to spot the snakes in the grass!


Be honest with yourself and others; any deception could lead to difficulties this month. Avoid catfishing, catfish and fish that eat cats this month. If you’ve already overcome some obstacles, now is the time for rest, relaxation, recovery and recuperation. Be sure to look after yourself spiritually, emotionally, physically and cardiologically. 


This month you could be sharing your opinions with people who genuinely care about what you think or feel. For too long, you’ve been blabbing your mouth at listeners who truly couldn’t care whether you lived or died. But don’t let your anxiety prevent you from sharing your voice. Push thoughts of doubt aside, however valid they may be.


You’ve gone too far relying on yourself! No man is an island, but you may as well be Bora Bora because you’re romantic as hell but you’re floating all by yourself in the South Pacific. You need to start being open to the opinions of others when making important decisions. There’s something you may be struggling to come to terms with or need to let go of. Remember, it’s not a loss; it’s a lesson.


The universe wants to remind you that you’re not living up to your full potential. Stop doubting yourself and find more opportunities to shine like the blinding supernova that you are! But while you’re exploding, be careful you don’t act naive or make immature decisions. You may have youthful energy, but that doesn’t excuse your toddler temper tantrums. 


You could be stepping into a leadership position this month! It’s vital you keep your energy focused so you don’t end up spinning your wheels like a caffeine-addicted hamster. Set easy goals to feel good about yourself when you reach them. 


You might be struggling to complete something or to find a sense of closure. Something is holding you back, and you can’t cut corners to get there. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of your circumstances like a pre-2009 Disney princess; step up and reclaim your power, like a post-2009 Disney princess! Finding that closure will allow you to enter a new period of clarity and freedom.


It’s time for you to take steps towards healing old wounds. Mending your heart is possible; it’s just that a Band-Aid won’t be strong enough to heal your wounds. You need industrial-grade medicated bandages. The key to healing is avoiding apathy. New experiences could help draw you out of your all-consuming thoughts this month. 


You might be feeling lost or misguided. It may be time to abandon a path you’ve committed to for a long time. Remember: you’re not giving up, you’re just seeking your bliss! November should be a time of deep introspection for you. Look within and ask yourself: ‘What do I actually want?’ The answer may suprise you (it’s probably Diet Coke). 


You may be avoiding dealing with conflict. You tend to ignore tension until it goes away, but sometimes we need to embrace conflict as a necessary step for understanding! There’s nothing like pummeling someone with words to let off steam. You may have difficulties opening up, or you may feel someone else is guarded. Do your best to be selfless and generous.


This month you have some good luck or positive change coming in. You can expect an idea to be prosperous, you just need to trust it and run with it. The only way this won’t work out is if you fake yourself out. Don’t allow negative thoughts to prevent you from taking advantage of this opportunity! The trick is to stop thinking about anything at all. 


You’ll find comfort in simple pleasures. Now won’t be a good time to start any new adventures. Stick with what is tried and true—like your toothbrush which you haven’t replaced in several months. It’s also important to recognize when you’re being guilt-tripped into fruitless arguments. If you find yourself in this situation, be the better, more boring person and walk away. 


  1. Thank you so much for the horoscope of yours. Sometimes these horoscopes really helps you showing the right path.

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