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Hannah Tsuji and Meghna Sarawat
PHOTO: Golden Post Agency
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Alumneye in Tech: Meet the co-founders of Golden Post Agency

By Smiksha Singla

In a mission to support small businesses, two Ryerson alumni started a creative agency that helps brands expand their digital presence. 

Hannah Tsuji and Meghna Sarawat co-founded Golden Post Agency in 2019. Golden Post is a creative agency based in Toronto that supports small to medium-sized businesses with any creative endeavors they want to partake in, such as website design, social media management, branding and more.

“We look different…but we’re not the dumbest people in the room”

Student entrepreneurship

Sarawat, who graduated from Ryerson’s journalism program with a minor in fashion in 2021, and Tsuji, a creative industries ‘21 graduate, met as students in their BSM 100: The New Business: From Idea to Reality class—a course that “focuses on the steps necessary for the idea of a visionary to be transformed into a viable business.”

“One of the biggest benefits of being a student entrepreneur is just the access to resources,” says Tsuji. Being able to put concepts learned in class and trying them out in real life ended up guiding them in their entrepreneurial journey. 

As a company born just before the COVID-19 pandemic, Tsuji and Sarawat say that Golden Post was able to use the time to rethink its strategies to continue business development. 

Hiring was also long overdue on their list of priorities. In the past, they had shut down work opportunities because “there were only two of us” but used delegation at their disposal and were able to take on larger projects. 

The lack of representation in the corporate world did not discourage them

Working with friends

Mixing work and play can be complicated, and being able to separate friendship from work is necessary to be able to efficiently run a business. Tsuji and Sarawat say they are able to dedicate a specific time to work on their friendship and a specific time to work on their company.

‘Other people’s words don’t matter’

Sarawat says when Golden Post was able to sign a “huge contract in America,” her and Tsuji were the only two women of colour sitting in the Zoom call. 

As young, racialized female entrepreneurs, the lack of representation in the corporate world did not discourage them. 

“Other people’s words don’t matter. We’re just here for ourselves…we’re producing the work that we’re proud of,” Sarawat says. 

“We look different. We are different. But we’re not the dumbest people in the room, you know.”

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