TMU partners with major corporations to build a data ecosystem for Canadian businesses

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By Olga Bergmans

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), in partnership with artificial intelligence-focused data company SCALE AI, is funding a digital data collection program aimed at improving the supply chain flow of Canadian businesses. 

The program, Canard Bleu, will target future supply chain issues, provide cost and saving insights and monitor the overall success of national businesses.

Alongside TMU, Canard Bleu is backed by three other major corporations: TD Bank, Flybits and CEVA Freight Canada Corp. Together, they’ve invested a total of $9.2 million dollars into the project.

Since the pandemic, Canadian businesses have endured supply chain disturbances and labour shortages, which have posed a threat to the country’s economy.

Canard Bleu will work to improve the interdependent relationship between suppliers, clients and vendors by organizing and tracking data, so businesses can operate with more efficiency and less disruption.

“Businesses need that extra support right now to recover from the labour shortages and slow delivery of the supply chain,” said fourth-year business technology management student Jacob Tran. “I think it’s great that the school is teaming up with tech companies to help reboot the economy.”

Hossein Rahnama, Flybits founder and CEO, said in SCALE AI’s press release that artificial intelligence (AI) will help to “forge effective and sustainable business relationships in the availability, mobility and effective use of privacy-preserved data.”

Other TMU-affiliated AI projects include Supply AI, an AI-focused stream under the university’s business incubator DMZ, as well as an independent student-made app called Glucose Vision Inc, which uses AI to identify glucose control and insulin requirements for diabetic individuals.

“I really believe in the future of artificial intelligence, and the fact that the school is investing into it means a lot to me,” said Alizarin Hirani, a member of the Ted Rogers Students’ Society and third-year business technology management student.

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