Quiz: What campus food spot should you get obsessed with?

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By Fredrick Reyes

When you’re feeling peckish in between classes at Toronto Metropolitan University, deciding where to eat can be a hassle due to the abundance of options. But don’t worry, this quiz will tell you which food spot should become your new obsession! That way, you can always go to the same place and never worry about what to get.

What type of meal do you fancy?

A) Breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day of course.

B) Lunch, yep.

C) Dinner. It’s just the most delicious time of day.

D) All of the above and constant snacking.

E) Wait, you have time to eat?

Which cereal method is correct?

A) Milk first, then cereal!!!

B) Cereal, then milk…

C) Only cereal.

D) Just milk.

E) Cereal is disgusting, I prefer oats.

What is your choice of toothpaste flavour?

A) Chocolate.

B) Strawberry.

C) Mint.

D) Cherry.

E) Cotton candy.

Let’s get serious for a moment, M&Ms or Smarties?

A) M&Ms all the wayyy!

B) If you’re smart, you would pick Smarties!

C) I prefer Rockets.

D) If you were actually smart, you’d pick Reese’s Pieces.

E) Both are equally gross.

There is only ONE correct way to pronounce caramel. What is it?






Would you rather…?

A) Have every single traffic light you approach be green.

B) Go back to kindergarten with everything you know now.

C) Be forced to live the same day repeatedly for a full year.

D) Spend a night in a real haunted house (we’re talking the Conjuring level).

E) Have everyone else be able to read your thoughts.

How many hours of sleep is ideal for you?

A) One hour.

B) Three to five hours.

C) Six to eight hours.

D) Hours?? 20-minute power naps are enough.

E) I’m a university student, sleep is nonexistent for me.

You have a million dollars and one week to spend it, what would you do?

A)Shopping spree, but only if it’s to Dollarama. 

B) Luxury trip to Southeast Asia.

C) Buy a Dairy Queen franchise.

D) Move to a private island.

E) Create a steadier income and invest in Bitcoin.

Do you tend to complete work during meals?

A) Yes! The grind never stops.

B) Sometimes…

C) I prefer to indulge in my meals.

D) No <3.

E) wOrK? Where’s my order??

Which vegetable do you resonate with the most?

A) A potato #SoVersatile

B) People say I’m amusing, henceforth a mushroom.

C) Eggplant 😉

D) RAD-ish obviously. 

E) I’ve been told I’m a nice person, so I guess a sweet potato. 

Here are the results.

Mostly As: Oakham Café

The Oakham Café is a gem on campus. It is the place to be if you want to grab something to-go before sprinting out to catch the bus or when you need to study for an exam. They offer quick service, friendly servers and an overall great atmosphere for students. Most of the food here is inexpensive and delicious, but their fries and burgers are what the kids call fire or “where it’s at!”

Mostly Bs: Kelly’s Landing

Do you enjoy eating on the patio and watching a game while eating? If so, stop by Kelly’s Landing! They have a large selection of delicacies on the menu, such as paper-thin crust pizza and a peanut crumble chocolate mousse that’ll have you licking your fingers. The staff are very attentive and friendly and if their food doesn’t unalive you with how delicious it is, surely the volume of their music will! 

Mostly Cs: Gyubee Japanese Grill

If Cs can get you degrees, then they can also get you a fantastic spot to eat! Gyubee is a great place to go as it offers you the experience of cooking your own food and has a wide selection of seafood, pork and vegetables. Did I mention it’s an all-you-can-eat-buffet? Although, I highly recommend that you eat here around dinner time as it will allow you to have more options available on their menu!

Mostly Ds: La Génie Bakery & Espresso 

Visit La Génie if you want to enjoy exquisite modern French pastries without taking a direct flight to Paris! A minor downside is that you may have to stand while eating as there aren’t many seats available, but you are welcome to bring your own chair—not really! When you visit, I strongly recommend trying their best-selling strawberry tart!

Mostly Es: Salad King

You appear to have a taste for adventure! Salad King is the spot if you want to experience Thai and Southeast Asian cuisine while imagining you’re sitting at the beach under palm trees. It’s also an excellent place to test your spice tolerance, as Thai food is notoriously spicy or, in other words, HAWTTT. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, their mango sticky rice has a sweet flavour with notes of the tropics from the creamy coconut milk!

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