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Which YouTube niche is your destiny?

By Ella Miller

Starting university means it’s time to let go of those dreams of becoming a YouTuber—or does it? Maybe you don’t have to bid adieu to the urge to pick up a camera and give strangers a rose-coloured window into your life. What better way to create content than take inspiration from your everyday life? Your university major definitely reveals something about your hidden YouTuber ambitions. So here is the video format for you, depending on your choice of study: 


Three words: paranormal challenge videos. The most popular of this format is the 3 a.m. challenge—you’re up anyway, why not monetize that niche sleep schedule? You could convene with the ghosts that definitely haunt the Monetary Times building or maybe even make a demon pact that will help you finish your scale model on time. The world is full of content to exploit at the witching hour. 


It would be easy to say you would do book reviews but as an English major, you don’t entertain surface-level discussions, you look deeper. That is why you would be perfectly suited to start a true crime channel to discuss motivation, character analysis and underlying themes abound. Plus, you are uniquely qualified to determine whether it was the colour of the curtains that pushed the culprit to the brink. 


Your talents will fit best as a Cocomelon host. Now, before you stop reading, this is not an insult. You are already on your way to becoming a more sophisticated Dora the Explorer—asking people the same questions over and over and then awaiting their response. Besides, journalists want their stories to be seen and you cannot go five seconds on YouTube without a video titled “Nursery Rhymes Educational Sing-A-Long Toddler Happy Fun Times” being suggested. 

Performance & undeclared arts:

Arts students should know something about drama and what better way to stir it up than to make apology videos? Of course, one cannot live on apologies alone. Whatever the personal cost, you will have to become an endlessly problematic—drives automatic with two feet, sets 50 alarms, broccoli pizza lover—kind of iconic drama channel. Take no accountability, cry on the kitchen floor and remember to sigh deeply to show regret so you don’t have to make another apology video for your apology.

Business management:

As a business major you get right down to, well, business. You do what everyone else is too afraid to admit to doing if they ever found a sliver of internet stardom: flex your newly acquired boujee lifestyle. You can be more subtle than just flat-out showing off your new chrome-wrapped Lamborghini Aventador at your rental hillside mansion. You could review the latest cinematic disaster, do a baking tutorial or tell us about that time your grandpa accidentally ate paint. But always have the new wheels clearly visible in the background. Subliminal advertising at its finest. 


You’re not in it for the money, you’re in it for artistic merit. What better way to prove your pure intentions than to make video essays about obscure lost media? Video essays are the perfect way to educate the masses on your eccentric passions or whatever forgotten flop media you think deserves to be put in the centre of a gale-winded discourse. You can then stand proud in the eye of this hurricane, laughing at the havoc your slickly-edited takedown has created. 


You are known to be intense, both personality and work ethic-wise. You need space to channel your unhinged energy and for this reason it makes sense to create a “Let’s Play” channel. Better yet, a “Let’s Play” channel in a remote content house where you play through and provide absurd gaming commentary. That way you can be loud, maximize the chaos and have adequate isolation to carefully craft your own game server with lore so complex, we on the outside will need a 500-page encyclopedia to decipher it. 

Geographic analysis:

Have you ever fallen down a 1 a.m. internet rabbit hole and suddenly there’s a woman surrounded by crystals telling you that you should try to avoid dairy for the next week? Please tell me it’s not just me. Either way, you’re here to vibe. So, start a channel that is just the ultimate vibe zone—think bootleg Lo-Fi Girl. Program the LEDs, surround yourself in plushies and get cozy for a strangely comforting night in.  

Nursing & public health:

Nursing and public health students are the essence of aesthetic and it makes sense that you started a completely THAT girl-inspired daily vlogging channel. Meal preps, calligraphic notes with your pastel gel pens and sped-up montages are all the inspiration fodder students need to add these to their watch later but never-look-at-again list.

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