Animation club served a raw deal

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By Ian Ferguson

The URanime club thinks it is getting a raw deal at the hands of Ryerson.

The club holds movie nights to show anime films, Japanese animated flicks with action and futuristic technology.

For the past few years, URanime has been showing films in the Eaton Lecture Theatre, an auditorium in the Rogers Communications Centre.  The screenings attracted about 200 people a night.

Ryerson did not charge the student group to use the theatre, so they showed anime films every month or so for free.

But last spring, the club was kicked out of the lecture theatre.  Its bookings were cancelled after Ryerson building staff complained the club left the room messy after movie screenings.

So URanime now shows its films in L72, the main lecture theatre on the ground floor of Jorgenson Hall.  But Ryerson charges a fee to use the room to pay for a technician.

Bills show URanime paid Ryerson $281.60 June and $303.31 in August for two movie nights.

The club now charges $2 admission for its shows.  “There’ s now a barrier where there wasn’t one,” said URanime president Martin Aziz.  He plans to apply for more funding from RyeSAC.

Despite its troubles, Aziz said the club will continue holding movie nights in Jorgenson’s lecture hall.

“An anime club is something people at Ryerson want,” Aziz said.

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