You wander Kerr Hall

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How can a building that’s a square be so complicated?

If Lachemi was hiding somewhere it’d be in Ryerson’s equivalent of a sneaky maze hell: Kerr Hall. You look around with a strong sense of direction. Maybe he’s perched on the shiny basketball court in the Kerr Hall gym. Or doing lab experiments in Kerr Hall south. O-or m-maybe he’s in a classroom in the basement of Kerr Hall-e-east? West? Every hall starts to look the same. You desperately start muttering, “Never eat shredded wheat,” head whipping around. You check the compass on your phone, but it’s going haywire. “Where am I?” You scream­—but nobody can hear you. Vertigo strikes. You lay on the floor, proceeding to spin in circles looking for a way out. Kerr Hall starts to close in on you, producing a devilish bellow as it swallows you whole.


Try again

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