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The Eyeopener does Movember — week two

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By Men of The Eyeopener

It has been a tough first week for the gentlemen here at The Eyeopener, but we have all managed to stay strong and grow along, as our moustaches continue to flourish on our faces.

To make a donation towards prostate cancer research, visit our Movember page:

Here you will find updates on all the participants for week two.

For week one, click here.

Behdad Mahichi (Media Editor)


What the hell is this greasy infestation of pubic hair on my face and how did it get there so fast? With this I now look like the leader of some major drug ring.

All these other “men” at the office and their “moustaches” make me look like some hairy beast. I’m no hairy beast! Or am I? What am I? What is life?

Oh no. The moustache has already taken a toll on my mental sanity. I will soon learn what true potential this monster has. I dream of the day that I will be reunited with my beloved razor to clean-shave my face once again. Until then, if you need me, you can find me hiding under the nearest table avoiding any form of social interaction.


Jake Scott (News Editor)


Week one and my face fuzz has grown into a blonde peach slice. As of yet it is invisible to the naked eye from distances of 10+ feet. Any closer and I look like Macaulay Culkin’s prepubescent Canadian cousin. I have some hope, however. To rapidly accelerate my moustache growth I’ve introduced Rogaine into my diet. Just a teaspoon in my morning coffee every day and I’m pretty sure I’ll look like Yosemite Sam by the end of Movember. Until then I’ll just have to keep telling people I’m not high school student who got lost on the campus tour.


Josh Beneteau (Sports Editor)


I used to worry about important things like midterms and essays. Now I just worry about trying not to look like an escaped convict. If I wasn’t so competitive, I’d go back to my clean shaven, attractive self in a heart beat. But alas, I must continue the trek of Movember because only then will I win the prize. There is a prize right?

(Editor note: there is no prize)


Keith Capstick (Fun Editor)


Where is all the hair? I was expecting to be a beacon of manly-moustache-glory by now. This morning I almost didn’t make it to school.

I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, “how do you live with yourself, you hairless boy?”

I feel like a child. Sean’s never going to talk to me again. When will the hair come? When will my time come? I’m going to The Ram.


Mohamed Omar (Editor-In-Chief)


You know what people tell me when I walk into a room? “Hey, where’s your moustache?” IT’S ON MY FACE. Look at my face. LOOK AT MY FACE.

But I’m not angry. I knew this would happen. I know how fast my facial hair grows (not fast at all) and have prepared for this mentally, but now it’s just getting nasty. Nasty in the sense that, there is something above my lips, but it’s not enough, whatever it is.

I look forward to next Sunday, when “it” begins to appear more.

Until then, I cry myself to sleep every night.


Rob Foreman (Photo Editor)


It’s been ten days, and I know you’re thinking, “Wow, this guy’s moustache is invisible.” Well go to hell, I’m trying okay? I’m holding back my tears at this point. I honestly thought I’d have a full-blown fu-man-chu by now. This is just tragic. I can’t even. *weeps for a minute.*

If I’m going to grow a moustache it better be a glorious moustache. I think it’s just off to a slow start. That’s it, right? These next ten days are going to witness an amazing comeback! This time, next week, I will have a moustache worthy of Tom Selleck!

I hope. I sincerely hope.


Sean Wetselaar (Features Editor)

It’s day nine and today I shaved for the first time since I started Movember, committing myself fully to the ‘stache and dispelling the hopes of my friends and girlfriend that I just hadn’t shaved in a while.

It’s still in the blonde stage, which means from a distance it still looks like I’m clean shaven, and that’s a pretty good thing, because I’m worried about being refused service at restaurants once the general public realizes how nasty it is going to be.

Soon, the ginger moustache will appear. But for now I wait, in anticipation and fear.

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