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RSU Board of Directors vote not to impeach VP student life

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By Alanna Rizza

The motion to impeach Harman Singh, Ryerson Students’ Union’s (RSU) vice-president student life and events, did not pass. This was discussed at the RSU’s board of directors meeting on Feb. 3, which was a follow-up to the Jan. 31 meeting.

In a secret vote where board members filled out ballots, the results came to one abstaining, 18 votes to impeach and 16 votes against. There had to be a two-thirds majority vote for the motion to pass (which would have been 24 votes). Thirty-four board members were present, but all 37 members were factored into the vote.

The motion, motivated by board member Kelly Kitagawa, followed The Eyeopener’s Jan. 24 article that reported $79,996.81 of 6 Fest refund money had been deposited into the personal accounts of Singh, Ram Ganesh—former RSU student life and events assistant—and Ganesh’s private merchandise business.

The two scrutineers (chosen to ensure the voting was not interfered with) were RSU president Obaid Ullah and board member Sandra Bahoua.

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