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RSU election profiles: Ohana

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By The News Team

The Ryerson Students’ Union elections are underway and the winners will form the governing student body at Ryerson.

Students can vote online through their RAMSS accounts from Feb. 6 to 8.

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Neal Muthreja—president

Why are you running for your position?

As the current vice-president operations, I worked behind the scenes of RSU and I feel we can improve a lot. With a knowledge in RSU bylaws, finances and day to day operations, I believe we can serve our students more efficiently. With a huge deficit, I will be working tirelessly to get the organization out of deficit and improve the communication with the membership.

Major criticism from the past year?

I feel like we can improve on the communication within the board and the membership as there have been instances where the board, membership and the staff has been left out of the loop. This is one of the biggest things I will be working on if elected because I believe that we are supposed to keep the membership in the loop as they are the ones who elect us.

What platform are you running on?

My team, Ohana’s 4 major platforms are: fiscal responsibility, communication, mental health initiatives and transportation. You can visit our site to read more about our platform and the strategic plan.

Natalia Burgos vice-president education

Why are you running for your position?

I am running for vice-president education because I believe it’s a great opportunity to give back to the Ryerson community. I know I can make real, positive change in this role.

What is your major criticism of how things were done this year?

My major criticism of how things were done this past year would have to be the lack of transparency and fiscal responsibility within the RSU. To my knowledge, the RSU is currently in a budget deficit, which means they may have to cut student services in order to balance the budget. In my opinion, if the board’s actions negatively impact the quality of services offered to RSU members, then the member’s interests are not being protected and that is not okay.

What platform are you running on?

I am running with Ohana.

Nima Hersi—vice-president equity

Why are you running for your position?

I am running for the vice-president equity because I am a product of overcoming adversity. I have been confronted with discriminatory acts on the basis of my skin, gender and the religion I practise. If elected, I will increase the unity across campus, strengthen our mental health initiatives, and increase the level of active communication between students and RSU.

What is your major criticism of how things were done this year?

My major criticism for RSU would be the lack of transparency to the student body.

What platform are you running on?



Shazman Uman—vice-president student life & events

Did not comment in time for publication.

Mayank Verma—vice-president operations

Why are you running for your position?

I volunteered with RSU for frosh week that gave me a taste of how initiatives by the students union can make a difference in a newcomers life and how it affects the student experience. This motivated me to take up different roles and positions throughout my university career with student groups like RESS, Enactus, Ryerson Indian Student Association and the Ryerson Concrete Canoe team. Through my involvement and interactions with students from various faculties and backgrounds, I was able to develop an understanding of the issues students face on a daily basis.

Being a part of the RSU, your decisions directly affect the student experience. Through the experiences that I was able to gather, I believe that myself and my team will make the decisions that are in the best of students interest.

What is your major criticism of how things were done this year?

Closely working with the student groups and organizations, accountability is a key component. As a student who has been involved for some time, I feel that the biggest problem with the RSU was a lack of accountability and transparency. The elected board of directors are responsible for holding the executives accountable for the decisions they make. This did not happen because of miscommunication between the board of directors and the membership.

What platform are you running on?

If elected, my biggest focus will be on fiscal responsibility. The current $812,000 deficit will increase in the next fiscal year which is why it is crucial for the organization to work on a tight budget and cut unnecessary spending. This can be achieved by implementing a strict online cheque requisition system to keep track of funds and documenting all the expenses. Reconstructing vague financial bylaws and improving the services operations that are offered through the RSU. I would also educate the general membership on how the RSU budget works and organize financial literacy workshops by holding monthly town hall sessions.

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