Two more cases of mumps on campus at Ryerson

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By Alanna Rizza

Two more cases of the viral infection mumps have been confirmed on Ryerson campus totally to three cases, according to Toronto Public Health (TPH).

The infected individuals are “among students and staff” according to TPH spokesperson Dr. Vinita Dubey. TPH could not provide a specific date of when the two cases were discovered because of “patient confidentiality.”

Dubey wrote in an email to the Eyeopener that someone can get the infection seven days before symptoms show up and so it is “likely” the two Ryerson community members were on campus when they became infected with mumps.

TPH did not tell the Eye what spaces the two individuals might have been on campus because “the risk is more with the persons you are with” since mumps is spread through saliva, according to Dubey.

Ryerson was notified by TPH about the first case of mumps on March 15. It was confirmed that A Ryerson student had mumps and was contagious while working at the Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC), according to Heather Adam, manager of operations and strategy at the RAC.

Adam said the student had mumps while working as a part-time scorekeeper during intramural activities at the RAC but they did not get the infection while working.

Ryerson students received an email on March 17 that read that TPH was investigating a mumps outbreak in the city of Toronto, but the email did not include anything about a Ryerson student having the infection or that the student was working at the RAC.

Ryerson Public Affairs declined to provide any information about the two recent mumps cases.

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