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Mass Exodus 2017: Eyeopener favourites

By Annie Arnone

April 8 was the 29th annual Mass Exodus show, where fourth-year Ryerson fashion design students showcase their lines. A total of 48 designers showcased their work at Daniel’s Spectrum theatre on Dundas Street East. The room was dimly lit by red-and-blue-tinted lights as a group of diverse models strutted and sashayed down the runway, outfitted in different fabrics, ranging from mesh to leather, each influenced by a different story.

The Eyeopener profiled six of our favourite up-and-coming designers from today’s shows:

Taea Magnuson recycles old fabrics

Monika Cibulskis’s BDSM lines is a form of rebellion

Malaika Felizardo looks into the simple structure of plants

Da Thao Chu draws from post-Soviet culture

Nicola Filice designs to escape the male gaze

Erich Rennie reinvents club style clothing


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