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New student groups and a financial policy pass at RSU board of directors meeting

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By Annie Arnone

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) held their last board of directors meeting of the year on Thursday and it went smoother than normal.

Despite typical quorum counts, amendments to amendments and WiFi interruptions for those tuning in via video call, the board successfully addressed everything on the agenda, including tabled motions from the recent semi annual general meeting (SAGM).

Here are the some of the motions discussed at the meeting.

Financial policy — PASSED

Previous business from the board meeting on Nov. 23 was discussed, including the adoption of a new financial policy. According to RSU president Susanne Nyaga, the current policy was lacking in specifics, resulting in “individuals misusing or abusing RSU finances and student money.”

The Eyeopener previously reported that the policy  touches on a number of points, such as RSU contract details always being relayed to the president, general manager and financial controller and that if a transaction is missing a receipt, a written letter should be submitted to the financial controller providing proper explanation as to why this is the case.

STV Elections Voting System — ruled out of order

This motion was carried over from the SAGM. Moved by vice-president education Daniel Lis, this motion, in coordination with Computing and Communications Services (CCS) would “implement a ranked ballot, single transferable vote (STV) election system, as a pilot for the upcoming RSU winter election.”

Chair of the SAGM, Nicole Dionisio ruled this motion out of order.

“Those two motions that have been moved up have been ruled out of order. They are motions to change bylaws, which have their own set of rules. They require their own bylaw amendment, in order to be passed and changed in the bylaws,” Dionisi0 said at the SAGM.

Nyaga also ruled the tabled motion out of order, for the same reason. Lis added that he was planning on “withdrawing” the motion, regardless.

Access to Image Arts building — PASSED

Faculty of Communication and Design board member, Hollie Olenik, spoke on this motion, adding that due to late nights spent working on assignments, overall access to the building would be beneficial for students.

The motion now requires the RSU to lobby and petition for the school of Image Arts to have all-hour access for students.

Student groups and course unions exchange policy, passed.

There was a lot of back and fourth in the room pertaining to this motion. The RSU is now required to have a policy restricting the eligibility of candidates for executive positions, student groups, or course unions who go on exchange or study abroad.

“Individuals planning to run for executive positions disclose their intention to go on exchange or study abroad prior to running or applying for positions. If disclosure is not made the individual can be deemed ineligible for the position…the Vice-President Student Life and Events will ensure that this restriction is included in Student Group and Course Union constitutions.”

New student groups ratified

Two new student groups were ratified by the RSU including the Korean students association, as well as the Albanian students association.


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