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RSU executive Lauren Emberson resigns citing professional differences

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By Jacob Dubé

Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) vice-president student life & events Lauren Emberson resigned from her position on Jan. 8 citing professional differences within the RSU and personal issues.

In a statement posted on the RSU’s Facebook page, Emberson said her efforts to create change have been “held in check” by other members who disagreed with her. She also apologized for “the times office politics have been prioritized over serving students.”

“I would encourage you as members to take this as an opportunity to reflect on the self-serving culture of the organization as well as the structure that allows it to flourish that way,” she wrote.

Photo courtesy Facebook


Emberson also wrote that she “can no longer justify the detrimental impact on my wellbeing that being an executive on the current administration has caused me.”

Emberson took over for last year’s controversial student life & events executive Harman Singh, who organized 6 Fest which contributed to the RSU’s $1.2 million deficit.

More to come.

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