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By Alexandra Holyk

Picture this: You’re sitting in the movie theatre watching Finding Dory. You’ve just downed the last drops of your large soda when you realize just how much water is in the film—I mean, it is after all about a fish lost in the Pacific Ocean. As your mind strays further from the film and toward calculating the distance between the theatre and the bathroom, a sudden urge awakens within; you have to take a tinkle. As much as you need to go, you don’t want to miss any of the action. Don’t worry about using your empty cup (let’s be real, we’ve all considered it) because RunPee is here to save the day.

It started out as a crazy idea for a fun project but RunPee quickly became the go-to app for those who need to go while watching a movie. With a few clicks, movie watchers are given a list of possible PeeTime cues that tell them when the less significant parts of the film are on screen, and a short, spoiler-free synopsis of what they’ll miss while taking a piss.

The team at RunPee has one “golden rule”: to imagine themselves in the theatre, re-watching a movie with a friend who’s never seen it before, and letting them know when’s the best time to go. They make sure to provide a three to five minute window, effectively putting the ‘run’ in RunPee. You can also set a vibrating timer that will discreetly notify you of each Peetime.

To unlock Peetimes, you must use Peecoins which are acquired from watching video advertisements or purchasing them in-app. For some extra relief, you can purchase the Infinity Peecoin for $20 (about the cost of that popcorn and drink combo deal you regretted midway through the film) to see Peetimes forever. Movies that have been in theatres for more than three months have free peetimes.  

Their server is connected to an updated list of movies showing currently in theatres. In addition to Peetimes, you’ll get movie info, reviews and a list of hit movies to watch, going as far back as the 1970s.

With RunPee, you’ll never have to sacrifice entertainment for relief.


  1. Thanks for the awesome review. I think you covered the app more concisely than I ever could have. 🙂

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