Ryerson’s Board of Governors election results announced

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By Sherina Harris

The students and faculty members elected to Ryerson’s Board of Governors (BoG) were announced March 8.

The BoG is the body responsible for the university’s financial well-being.

The three student members elected are Sadat Ahmed, Karol Bahnan and Ahmadreza (Reza) Khonsari. They will serve a term of one year.  

Khonsari and Ahmed ran together on the slate Purify along with Olivia Karp, who was not elected to the BoG. Bahnan was the only student elected from the slate Accelerate, which also included Iyvan Chandran and Kruti Dave.

Chandran, who was elected as the Ryerson Students’ Union vice-president education after the previous VP education resigned, received five less votes than Khonsari.

Tay Rubman, who was not elected to the BoG, was the only candidate to run as an independent.

There was a turnout rate of 4.2 per cent for student representatives, according to the board secretariat’s email to students.

Jennifer Gonzales was elected as the BoG’s new administrative staff member. She will serve a term of two years.

Catherine Ellis and Michael Kolios were elected as new teaching faculty members. They will also serve a term of two years.

The voting period for alumni candidates on the BoG is June 17-28, according to the BoG’s website.

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