How to get involved with Ryerson’s intramural leagues

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By Chris Sanders

Are you a new student at Ryerson? Have you given up your dream of being an Olympian? Do you love sports, but you’re not much of an athlete? Or maybe you just want to stay in shape?

If you identify with any of the above, you’re in luck—Ryerson offers many intramural sports leagues for free.

There are 15 different sports to choose from such as soccer, basketball, flag football, dodgeball and, depending on how competitive and skilled you are, there are leagues that include divisions varying on your skill level.

All Ryerson students are eligible to register, as well as non-students, staff and faculty, who have a valid Recreation Athletic Centre (RAC) and Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) membership.

“It allows people like me who aren’t good enough to play varsity athletics a chance to stay active and still play sports,” said Ty Esteireiro, a two-time intramural soccer participant. 

Randy Pipher, intramurals and recreational clubs coordinator at Ryerson, said in an email to The Eye that he looks at intramurals as an opportunity to engage with friends and students from other programs, while also participating in sports and activities many grew up playing.

To register, those interested need to select a team captain to visit the RAC or MAC, provide their team name and contact information to secure a spot in the league. Most intramural leagues begin in late September with spots available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Even if you don’t have a group of friends interested in participating, you can register to become a free agent on their site and be picked up by another team, or form a team with other free agents.  

Intramurals are free, with the exception of hockey, which demands a collective fee to be paid by a team ($2,000) or an individual fee for free agents ($160). All other sports require an entry bond that is paid back at the end of each semester. 

This year, Ryerson will be bringing back innertube water polo and is also continuing its program Women in Sport. The program was started by Brooke Williams, who spoke with The Eye in October 2018 about her intramurals  experience and how often she was the only woman on her team. According to its website, it aims to reduce the discrepancy in the ratio of women to men involved in Ryerson’s intramurals. 

Ryerson intramurals are also introducing a new sports program for those living on campus. “REZ Sport” will follow the same structure as the Women in Sport program, where residents can participate in different activities and sports each week. 

Starting in September, it’s the perfect extracurricular for anyone living in residence, looking for a reason to get out of their dorm. 

“It is about fun and participation and a healthy stress relief away from classes,” said Pipher. “If you want to come out and have some friendly competition…intramurals is the place for you.”

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