Search for the one-legged pigeon continues

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By Merida Moffat

If you’ve been around Ryerson, chances are that you have heard of, or maybe even got the chance to see, the one-legged pigeon. This famous icon is well-known for roaming the campus, along with being one of the school’s greatest memes.

When The Eye spoke with the pigeons five years ago, there were reports of a second wave of the Pigeons’ Movement. Recently, we have been in contact with some inside voices. After deciphering their coo-coos and squawks, it turns out that the second wave Pigeons’ Movement fell through because the leading figure went missing—the one-legged pigeon.

To get to the bottom of this, I set out to find her. It would be no easy task—the only way to do that is to explore every inch of Ryerson. Her Twitter hasn’t been updated since 2014. While searching around campus, I encountered many pigeons. But to the demise of the entire student body, all these pigeons had two legs. 

All of the pigeons were quite strange. There were many different pigeons—concrete pecking, bread pecking, aggressive wing flapping. None of the pigeons could even gracefully win in a breadcrumb fight. The pigeon community has really taken a hit since this tragedy struck.

I asked the pigeons if they knew anything about the word on the street, but none had any useful information. It seems as though the pigeon’s movement is no longer birds of a feather. Actually, some of them even seemed bird-brained.

The regular day-to-day pigeons weren’t much help, but we searched the dustiest of alleyways and found a lone pigeon smoking a cigarette and wearing a trenchcoat.

After demanding a payment of seven Ritz crackers, he told us one of his feathered associates received a telepathic message that the one-legged pigeon is still alive, and is planning something big. We still don’t know if what the mysterious pigeon’s associate’s friend said was reliable or true. Due to not wanting to suffer an Alfred Hitchcock-esque death and get picked to pieces by the pigeons, we did not press further.

For now, unfortunately, the one-legged pigeon is still missing. Alas, I still have hope. I won’t stop working on this story. I’m willing to bet my last One Card dollars that Ryerson will be blessed with the return of this legend.


  1. lol, the pigeon has gone to the Canadian geese to get help with the movement . this may be the start of a bird revolution

  2. Great work, Merida. Captured my attention and anticipating a sequel. thank you

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