Emerald Bensadoun (left) and Sera Wong (right) are leaving the nest. We love our lil babies! Photo: Alanna Rizza

A goodbye from two of our editors

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As two of our editors prepare to leave us for bigger and better things, we take the time to say goodbye by taking a look back at their favourite stories  from their time at The Eye


Emerald Bensadoun (2016 – 2018)

Leaving us for the Toronto Star and CBC, that little devil

Hello all, Emerald Bensadoun, now-former news editor here. Let me just start by saying that this is a bittersweet farewell. When I first started writing satirical news in 2016, I had no idea I would end up writing real news. I’ve given two years of my life to this wonderful place. The Eye has been like a little home away from home. Seriously, there was a week where I kept a toothbrush here. And a pillow. And an extra set of clothes. I’ll miss it all—heck, I’ll even miss the 50-year-old couches. The Eye has been home for two years and I’ll miss all of you so, so much!

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3.Ryerson’s most illegible squirrels


Sera Wong (2017 – 2018)

Leaving us for computer science, that sneaky little sneech

There’s nothing more sad than saying goodbye. I’ve only been editor at The Eye for a bit over a month, so rationally I shouldn’t feel much regret or loss over leaving. But I do. For some odd reason I know I’ll miss the late nights at the office (not really), and the struggle of bugging people into copy editing my page, but most of all, I’ll miss making fun of Lidia and her boujee-ass AirPods.

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